Federico Trigo

He was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago until the age of thirteen when he moved to McAllen, Texas. Adapting quickly to his new surroundings, he joined many extracurricular activities including Theater at the behest of a friend of mine. Little did he know that Theater would become his passion. All through out high school he participated in the One-Act Play Festival held every year, receiving numerous awards for acting, including Best Actor.

After high school he decided to be “practical” and study International Relations at George Washington University. Despite his attempt at being practical he couldn’t leave the Theater. He joined a local theater group, Generic Theater Company, and started acting again. Later, he joined more theater groups and eventually caught the attention of Alan Wade, a Theater Arts professor, who cast him in the GW main stage production of How I Learned to Drive. This led him to throw practicality to the curb and pursue his MFA.

He was accepted into The New School for Drama, but this wasn’t enough for him. He decided to also enroll in the William Esper Studio’s two-year program, under Karen Chamberlain, at the same time… while holding a job. Crazy? Perhaps. Stubborn? Definitely. But he was doing what he loved. Now, he misses those days of eating, sleeping and crapping Theater. At the time it was stressful, sure, but he wouldn’t have done it differently.

Post MFA, he was cast in the Off-Broadway production of The Quarrel. He will always hold a special place in hes heart for the cast and crew of this production. It was his first Equity production and was in it with two actors and a director who had decades of experience under their kippah. Guys who made their bones acting in the regional theaters across America. Real “stage animals.” And to his surprise they treated him as an equal, which made the experience so memorable.

His recent credits include: Joshua, The Quarrel; Nicky, Millicent the Magnificent; Silva Vicarro, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton: John, The 100 Most Beautiful Names of Todd.